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Mini Course Curriculum: Effective Communication Skills

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Course Title: Enhancing Communication and Teamwork Skills in Young Adults Course Overview: This mini-course aims to enhance communication and teamwork skills among young adults. It is based on the study conducted by Hemamalini V. and Jyothi H. P., which demonstrated significant improvements in communication and teamwork through an eight-session intervention program. The course is designed to provide practical skills and knowledge necessary for effective communication and collaboration in both academic and professional settings. Course Objectives: Develop a strong foundation in verbal and non-verbal communication. Enhance confidence in public speaking and presentations. Improve business communication knowledge and skills. Foster a positive communication style and approach. Understand the importance of teamwork and develop team collaboration skills. Apply problem-solving, decision-making, and feedback techniques within a team context. Course Structure: The course consists of eight sessions, each focusing on different aspects of communication and teamwork. Each session includes activities, discussions, and practical exercises to reinforce learning. Reference: Hemamalini V., & Jyothi H. P. (2024). Enhancing Communication and Teamwork Skills in Young Adults: An Intervention Study. Indian Journal of Positive Psychology, 15(1), 10–14.

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